segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2011

What I can do

If only you could see me smiling every single time that I think of you
As if we were close to each other again, but you can’t
If only I had one wish from the lamp genie
I’d wish that we were not apart from each other, but we are
If only I could make time move faster
As if that was even possible, but I can’t
If only I could write you a love song
But I can’t
If only I could fill every single day of your life with hapiness and love
If only I could put down in words what I feel for you
As if words would do the job. This I can try
I can declare my love to you with all the words that I know
I can tell you how much I miss you and how important you really are to me
I can dream about you and I being together again
I can write the most passionate love letters you’ve ever got
I can remember all the endless nights we spent together loving each other
I can close my eyes and draw your face, your smile, your beautiful eyes
I can go deep on your heart with my words and rip happy tears out of it
I can wonder what you’re dreaming and ask your guardian angel that she makes sure you're smiling while you dream
I can remember the taste of your kiss
I can listen to all our songs
Like Elton John I can ”tell everybody how wonderful life is while you’re in the world”
And hope that every time they smile, a spark of hapiness goes inside your heart

I will prove that "LOVE is all you need"